Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Girls: An Un-Formal Photo Shoot

Tiffany and Nikky were just waiting for an excuse for doing something fun in their formal dresses. Of course, I was happy to oblige. There's nothing like spending a few hours in the park splattering paint all over each other. We were sure to get some photos pre-painting, for posterity. And even Tiffany's adorable daughter came decked out in her finest to get her moments in the spotlight as well. Here's some of my favorites from the shoot:

* Fun Fact: I shot Nikky's Senior photos a couple years ago at this very same park.


  1. That little girl is adorable. I like that black and white shot where the paint is still in color. :)

  2. Kloii was adorable! We have a lot of great photos of her just running around, being her sweet little self. Every time you'd ask her to say "Cheese" she did with a big grin.


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