Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shannon's "Trash" the Dress

Several weeks ago, we began a new photo service where new or past brides or anyone with a formal can wear their dresses once again and celebrate their style in unique photos. I offered two "Trash the Dress" shoots for anyone wanting to get all dressed up and get to be our test model for an hour or two.

Shannon took us up on our Trash the Dress kick-off session. So she pulled out her wedding dress that has been in storage and gave it one last hurrah. Here's a few of our favorites:

 Trash the Dress (or Rock the Frock, Aftershoot, Flaunt the dress, etc) is a unique photo shoot to celebrate the dress one last time before putting it away. You don't have all the concerns about getting it too dirty. We do photos in a range of messiness. So, you can be as little or as much messy as you would like. Our aim is to provide you a fun way of getting memorable photos. Wear it again!

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