About Us

Michael and I have been creative from being kids to being all grown up.  It started with drawings and little works of clay done by our little kid selves, and we've grown into using photo and video as our new art forms.

Ober Digital Media is a result of our passion for being creative and helping others tell their stories through photo and video. We have done a variety of work and have spent several years working in the creative industry. We both pursued our dreams pursuing degrees in media and creative arts and combined they have experience working in film, television, photography and graphic design. We both have great day jobs in addition to our business. Michael is a news photographer for a Eugene TV station and I work as a graphic designer.

Ober Digital Media is based in the beautiful city of Eugene, Oregon. Michael and I provide services throughout Washington and Oregon. We'd love to hear about what we can create for you. Shoot us and email or give us a call.

Thanks for stopping by,