Friday, October 23, 2009

Feature Friday - Fashion Corner

For today's feature, we're talking wedding dresses. Shopping for your wedding dress for many of us is a rite of passage. You search and search for that Perfect dress and you can't stop until you've got it. In 2008, I got to go on that famed dress hunt. I've never had the chance to try on so many gorgeous dresses. Dress shopping brought a lot of memories and some great laughs - like the time when I got stuck in a dress over my head and couldn't get it off. My bridesmaid had to quit laughing long enough to get me unstuck. Otherwise, I'd probably still be there today.

I mentioned last week in my post about the show that our booth was directly behind the booth for Fashion Corner - the shop where I found my beautiful dress. I am really glad we took the drive out to Sunnyside to check out what they had there. My mom and I had been searching and searching for a dress. There were a lot of lovely ones, but nothing seemed to really suit me just right. The gals at Fashion Corner took the time to help me go through several dresses. They were patient with me to help me make up my mind (So many dresses to pick from - so little time) and in the end, they had me a beautiful gown that I loved. I remember trying "the dress" on for the first time and feeling so much like a bride. I remember when the dress came in, we had a time crunch and I was quite stressed about getting it altered in time. Their seamstress dropped everything to get the dress done in one afternoon.Whew!

Fashion Corner is located in Sunnyside, Washington. It's about 30 minutes from the Tri-Cities and Yakima. Be sure to say hello to them for me when you go! 

Still Looked Great After an Afternoon of Dancing!

Our wedding  photographs were taken by Erin Grace Photography.

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